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US Online Casinos is your guide to the best online casinos taking US bets. How do we know? Well the editors here have been working in the online casino industry for years going back to the early days of online gambling. We know this industry inside and out.

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We have spent years at the tables in Las Vegas – both on and off the strip – clocking in thousands of hours not only at the table games, but at the slots as well. In fact, the editors have traveled throughout the US checking out the casinos in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington State and New Jersey.

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They have traveled abroad to Macau playing at the Cotai strip, and onward to Europe playing in the Netherlands, Spain, and even in the UK at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square.So we know the games, and we know how a casino ought to be run whether it is catering to US slotheads, European card sharks, or to Asian players who are a completely different kind of player – but we will deal with that on another website. This is US Online Casinos – and this is what you will find here. I hope you enjoy your stay, and become a fan of these casinos like we are.