US Online Casinos goes Live

US Online Casinos

A new dedicated casino site for US players has gone live this morning, with the site launching, with its sole remit to provide information for US residents as to the best online casinos to play at.

US Online Casinos be providing up to date information on the best online casino experiences for US Players. Featuring the latest promotional offers available and news concerning US online casinos, the site also features an ever growing number of free play slot games, that visitors to the site can enjoy, without having to leave the site.

The  games available for free can be found at all of the online casinos that are listed on US Online Casinos, but it is the intention that free play games from other software providers will be made available in the coming weeks and months.

Currently at the time of launch, US Online Casinos recommends six online casino sites, to its visitor base, but this number is likely to grow over the coming months. Unlike many of its peers, US Online Casinos will only promote and showcase those online casinos that have built up a decent reputation among players.

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